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This vol- approx. Table of Contents: see www.

With treatises, educational commentaries, and pedagogical performances. Cen- approx.

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By considering the writings of these men in their wider literary and pastoral con- EUROPA SACRA text, and in the light of the broader reforming aims of the Franciscans, this unique study not only offers new insights into the late medieval This book offers a new and innovative ap- understanding of superstition and witchcraft, proach to the study of magic and witchcraft but also makes an important contribution to in Italy between the late Middle Ages and the the history of pastoral care.

ISBN , approx. Women in the Medieval This international and interdisciplinary col- lection discusses a wide range of aspects Monastic World relating to the lives of women in religious communities across medieval Europe. There has long been a tendency among monas- ellane approx. This comparative approach to the emergence and series examines a range of topics, varying spread of female monastic communities across from particular monastic and religious different geographical, political, and economic orders to male and female monasticism, settings, comparing and contrasting houses with the outside world, organizational struc- individual houses and congregations, that ranged from rich, powerful royal abbeys tures, the nature of Cistercian observance and and aspects of monastic observances and to small, subsistence priories on the margins identity among female houses, and the role of environments.

Individual volumes may of society, and exploring the artistic achieve- male authority, and in doing so, they seek to be rooted in the disciplines of history, ments, the interaction with neighbours and shed light on the divergences and common- archaeology, literature, or art history, or secular and ecclesiastical authorities, and the alities upon which the female religious life was may be interdisciplinary in nature.

The spiritual lives that were led by their inhabit- based. The contributors to this volume address Medieval Monastic Studies. To Patricia Stoop eds.

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Like that volume, and in diverse geographical areas throughout and exchanged from the eighth to the mid- this collection of essays, focused on various as- medieval Europe. These Frankish Greece and Constantinople letters constitute an indispensable source for the early history of the territories conquered William O.

Duba, during and just after the Fourth Crusade of Christopher Schabel , for which almost no local archival ma- approx. In addition, the volume makes the letters available to non-specialists through exhaustive English summaries of all the letters and complete translations of the A key source for the history of Frankish most significant ones. Greece and Constantinople. Rituals, Performatives, and Covering the period between c. By emphasising the This volume draws together contributions conflict-ridden and unpredictable nature of from history, archaeology, and the history ritual acts, the articles add crucial insights into an important mechanism through which the of religion to offer an in-depth examination the meanings, ab uses, and interpretations of political and religious order could be chal- of political ritual and its performative and performances in the Middle Ages.

In doing so, lenged and transformed. These early years were a in Medieval Paris period of excitement, discovery and intellectual freedom. Perhaps never again would a commu- Olga Weijers nity of scholars engage in teaching and debate approx. Guido Terreni, O. Studies and Texts figures in the history of the Carmelite order.

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The articles gathered in the first part of this Alexander Fidora ed. Can the roots of modern Literacy in the Medieval individuality be found in pre-modern times? This book takes a theo- retical approach to the problem, derived from Franz-Jozef Arlinghaus ed. Tex- medieval and early modern sources, this vol- tual studies include autobiography in German ume discusses whether the roots of modern Humanism, and concepts of individuality and notions of individuality can be found in pre- gender in late medieval literary texts.

Fabrication, classement et mise en page de approx. Hunter U. Boccaccio , Prix vraient la richesse, la finesse, les nuances, la exhaustive. Avec la parution du D. Welsh textual material from Natalia I.

Petrovskaia the twelfth and thirteenth centuries is used as a approx. The sources analysed here include vernacular and Latin texts produced in Wales, as well as material A new methodology for the study of medi- that has been translated into Welsh such as Ima- eval Western literary representations of the go mundi and legends about Charlemagne. It Orient. European perceptions of the Orient.

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Through the application of the medieval concept of Table of Contents: see www. The topographically. There are picturesque details unique manuscript that contains this text E.

L'ART DU CARAVAGE ! La peinture Caravagesque

While highlighting, as others studies Franco Pierno ed. His main field of research is the relation between languages of Italy and the Church. Mais ISBN , approx. In this volume, which draws approx. Comprising contribu- An updated status quaestionis on medieval tions on methodology, Latin literature up to epistolography, including debates on dis- the fifteenth century, Byzantine and Romance puted texts and information about new dis- literature, and courtly letters, this unique coveries.

It thus offers a the use of these unique sources in social, liter- significant re-evaluation of the huge and partly ary, and legal history. Manuscripts from Italy to - Part 1. Shelfmarks Suzanne Reynolds approx. A substantial historical intro- col. New attributions to illumina- Manuscripta Publications in Manuscript of its riches has ever been published. This tors and significant discoveries in textual histo- Research MSSP or to the Subseries volume is the first in a series that will cover ry and provenance will stimulate new research; A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the all the Holkham manuscripts and open up every manuscript catalogued is generously illus- Library at Holkham Hall CMLHH.

III is a vital witness to the eccle- Tiberius A. Textus Roffensis also holds abundant charters including some forg- misc a onli approx. The seventeen contributors to this the mind of the scribes and compiler or patron ture, history, and religion analyze one of book have subjected Textus Roffensis to close behind the Textus Roffensis, as well as into the the most important books produced in me- scrutiny and offer new conclusions on the pro- origins and meaning of the texts that the monks dieval England.


The essays contained here not only set the cords, as well as exploring significant events in study of the manuscript on a firm foundation, which Rochester played a role and some of the but also point to new directions for future work. Draelants, C. In an era when oral, scribal, visual, and print cul- Claire Walker, Heather Kerr eds. So while gos- sip and rumour might be scurrilous and en- This collection draws upon recent scholar- tertaining, they nonetheless performed a vital ship on oral and print cultures and their role political function, regulating communal and functioned dualistically at all levels of the early in the transformation of the public sphere to political behaviour in the upper social ech- modern state and society either to advance or present an interdisciplinary analysis of the elons, as well as in neighbourhoods lower down to defame reputations, and thereby shape pub- ways gossip and rumour defined reputation the social scale where they might constitute a lic opinion.

This timely interdisci- plinary study explores how gossip and rumour Table of Contents: see www. They show the effects of de- Michael Champion, velopments in genre and literary, aesthetic, and Andrew Lynch eds. They map approx.

Le jeune Caravage - Découverte de cent ouvres inédites - Tome II

The essays trace lated emotions. It is argued here that dialectic — the art of An exploration of the contribution of dia- argumentation and reasoning — played a crucial lectic the art of arguing and reasoning , in role in articulating and popularizing new learn- Binet, this book describes the deployment of its scholastic and humanist guises, to the ing about the cosmos by providing the argumen- dialectic as a means of articulating and dissemi- debates surrounding novelties in cosmology tative toolkit needed to define, discard, and au- nating, but also of containing, the disturbance and cosmography in early modern France.

The debates that shaped them generated by cosmological and cosmographical were not confined to learned circles; rather, they novelties in Renaissance France, whether for reached a wider audience via early modern ver- the lay reader in Court or Parliament, for the nacular genres such as the essay. Montaigne or Descartes, as well as on now- forgotten popularizers such as Belleforest and Table of Contents: see www.

Fol- the authors of the translations. The breadth and depth of analysis are unprecedented in the Bohemia and Moravia lowing the Slavonic tradition of Great Moravia scholarship dealing with Czech humanistic in the 16 th Century and the interest in biblical translation ignited translations. His main interests are ISBN , approx.

Adrien Manglard, peintre et collectionneur (1695-1760)

Buy Le Jeune Caravage - Découverte de cent œuvres inédites - Tome I (French Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - uposasoj.tk Le jeune Caravage - Découverte de cent ouvres inédites - Tome II à la découverte des œuvres inédites du jeune Caravage, les cent dessins du peintre ISBN: ; Copyright: Curuz/Conconi (Standard Copyright License); Edition: prima edizione; Published: February 7, ; Language: French; Pages:

All scripts and Czech onomastics. The volume brings Reformation in the 16th and the 17th Century This volume focuses on Czech biblical hu- translatological analysis of the works examined, and the literary work of the Unitas Fratrum. Taking the confraternity of Brussels as a focal Hugo Anvers, approx. It provides details on commissioners, of Paris, — plaidoyers, renvoi, torture, execution, etc. It is invaluable as a study in how the court recorded its decisions. It corrects the work of James K.

Farge C. The work complements James prosecution of heresy too. On the one hand, it was confronted family and service who sought his favour and with an energetic and expansionist monarch, protection in order to advance evangelical Mark Greengrass, whose ambitions abroad led him to demand and eventually protestant causes. This edi- The University of Sheffield compromises in long-held Gallican principles tion magnificently documents those tensions.

In both, he is shown as innovative George Dempsey and purposeful. His own theology responded approx. For Aldhelm,the dedi- Born into West Saxon royal kin, Aldhelm cated virgin was as heroic as a warrior serving c. This collection makes available the raw material for a new chapter in the study of the Latin bible The key to the most fundamental exegesis of and the study of its reception in the later patristic the Scriptures in the Middle Ages. Moreover, it may usher in a new chapter in the history of biblical exegesis.

Interpretation of Thanks to the pathbreaking work of Beryl Smal- ley, more than a half century ago, today we rec- Scripture: Practice ognize the central place of the so-called School A Selection of Works of Hugh, of Saint Victor in the history of biblical exege- Andrew, Richard, and Leontius of sis.

By the mid-twelfth century, the abbey had gained a reputation for solid Christian teaching, St Victor, and of Robert of Melun, with an emphasis on biblical studies and history. Working with an extraordinary body of documentary and visual materials, Richard Tuttle —one Richard J. Tuttle — taught Nadja Aksamija is Associate Professor of Art An indispensable source on Italian six- Renaissance architectural history at Tulane teenth-century sculpture, architecture and History at Wesleyan University and has pub- University for thirty years — , be- lished numerous studies on Renaissance and urban planning.

As a gateway to the central Piazza Maggiore ning in The focus of his research is the early derstood by very few. Il est des livres qui rapprochent les temps et les mondes. Les temps changent, pas Sade. Est-ce une cause perdue? Mieux, op pressantes. Etrange cocktail! Un saint! Et quelles armes! Ainsi imagine-t-elle Paulhan coulant des jours plus tranquilles depuis que la N.

Les trois anges de Séraphine de Senlis

Une juive abjecte. Une enfance pauvre, une jeunesse bretonne, la S. Les lignes se troublent parfois en cette agonie du Reich, les consciences, comme les souvenirs plus tard, en lutte contre les traumas de toutes sortes. Mais cet Hopper russe est aussi un Hopper stalinien. Nostalgie, nostalgie. Au fil des jours. De plus, en septembre , Laval a perdu tout pouvoir, il ronge son frein.

La suite est connue. Les commissaires de cette magnifique collaboration internationale nous y aident efficacement. Non, certainement pas. Je vous sens sceptique. La France lit, et pas seulement les sublimes Psaumes de David. Andrew S.