The Gaze of the Abyss

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He was a drunk. Quietly night after night he drank until he passed out.

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He became a good, some have said great, winemaker. He gradually changed the vineyard east of Paso Robles into a clone of a great Medoc estate. The Sauvignon won an award or two, the first before he graduated, but the blend fell short of his dreams. Eventually it would disappoint him at his death. He met every daughter in the north county, after two years they started appearing from the rest of the state. One, an heiress from Santa Barbara had legs that reminded him of Sherri. But he was stuck in a rut. He discussed it with the psychologist because he mentioned Sherri to Marie in talking about the Santa Barbara heiress.

No, he was assured. So he went home and drank his jug wine until he passed out, which is what he usually did.

He saw the psychologist twice. He became known in Silicon Valley.

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The only favors I would ask is that you dedicate any book to Valerie, with the poem I have included as the first page in the first binder, and that you credit my writing to Dorian Taylor. It was Sam who convinced him to enroll at Cal Poly, and Marie who convinced him that a horse was the best way to tend his vineyard. Aside from the fact it could have been more porno, because what he is satirizing might have benefited, this is a real delight. The Taylor of Top Forty was extremely innovative, all but putting his novel in a brand new category of fiction. And when he saw her, he was struck so dumb that he was lucky to escape alive.

In the early to mid seventies everyone wanted start-up capital. Every trip was a party, he saw idea after idea, about a dozen would transform the world, three he invested in. Two starlets took him to bed and both were dutifully recorded in the National Inquirer, with pictures.

Gaze of the Abyss, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

The second decided it all should have led to more and he changed his phone to an unlisted number. His world, when he was sober revolved around the vineyards. In he hired Kelly, right out of high school. She quickly became his right hand.


Her workday, nine to five and whatever else was needed, was done in the extra bedroom refinished to fit her as an office. She was heavy, blonde, curvy, silhouetted against a window shade, felt in the dark even a blind man could tell she was female. Since all the girls get prettier at closing time, Kelly working late eventually led to her waking up next to her office.

He remained distant, but he was male and all those soft curves, the breasts that fill your hand with something left over to lick was too often left to nature to manage. She learned that the curves, the softness of a well-formed woman were a powerful force of nature. Still she ended up as a powerful force in the north county. His contractors had to be approved by her.

Hiring had to pass her scrutiny. And most of all she handled the shit. The bookkeeping, the checks that needed writing, the germinating records from the greenhouses, Kelly handled them all. He was a virgin when she grabbed him on a weekend in the beach house. She was a year older, and damn good. Marie approved, Sam was skeptical, and he was radically opposed to losing Kelly when Evan proposed. To be fair it was a affair that his beach house supported, and in fact initiated.

It took a long talk before he got on board. Marie understands. I want Evan.

A Gaze Into the Abyss

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I need to be happy. As it worked out, Evan ended up the CEO of one of his three major investments and the woman behind that made sure he profited, but at the inception it just reinforced his distance. Kelly knew more about him than anyone ever had. She shared his bed.

The Gaze of the Abyss

And she preferred someone else. He liked the deal. A nice little merger between two chip manufacturers, it created a corner, the market would love it. He drove up in the Bronco. He stopped in Gilroy for garlic. He navigated through the parking garage. When he walked out of he elevator he walked up to the receptionist, she turned and looked at him. Ted never really understood it until he met Bellatrix in battle, not long before the death of Lily and James. He had never encountered her before, had taken Andromeda's warnings of her lethality quite seriously. And when he saw her, he was struck so dumb that he was lucky to escape alive.

Because the joy in her eyes, the elation of the bloodlust, was exactly what was missing from Andromeda's. Finally he appreciated what his wife feared in her own nature, why she so shrank from the darkness in her heart. She was right; it could never be broken, because this was what it craved: total devotion, freedom from consequences, dominion over all.

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She was a Black; she could not be satisfied with less. She would only be truly alive in the euphoria of destruction. And for a few incomprehensible moments, Ted hated himself for coming along and ruining everything. If not for him, Andromeda would be with her sister, and she would be happy and glorious and triumphant and not at all hesitant. And so many more would be dead, and Nymphadora would never have existed, and the world as he knew and loved it would be nothing but a dream.

For the first time, the innocent, good-natured Muggle-born understood what Andromeda had given up for him. She had willingly caged herself, turned her back on what she really wanted. She had given up her freedom, and she would never be genuinely happy, and that was one of the prices to be paid for a better world.

Isolate by Mesarthim. Whenever I want to write poems about space or dream of leaving this world and find a new civilization far away, this is the music for it. Incredible atmosphere and songwriting by these guys, they have it down on their first album.

Every track works perfectly, even the 2 minute "Floating" does a great job in providing a spacey atmosphere. Killer stuff on their debut! Visual Complexity. Litourgiya by Batushka.

Chapter 1 - Part one

Nett, aber billig. Sad and eerie with a sense of wonder and journey! This album is perfect! Relapse Sampler by Relapse Sampler. Relapse Sampler by Relapse Records. Pick your poison from 26 tracks that span grind, death, progressive metal, sludge, doom, black metal and beyond. Explore music. Ryan Fetterhoff. Lachlan Birdsey. Luke Bushnell.