Sylvias Entscheidung in Sarah Orne Jewetts A White Heron (German Edition)

A White Heron
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Book Descriptions: Lumiere Hassidique Et Litterature is nice books to read or download to add to your book collection How it works: 1. Register for FREE 1st month. Download your desired books 3. Easy to cancel your membership. Joint with more than Markus Jensen I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does! Michael Strebensen wtf this great ebook for free?! The old cow was not inclined to wander farther, she even turned in the right direction for once as they left the pasture, and stepped along the road at a good pace.

She was quite ready to be milked now, and seldom stopped to browse. Sylvia wondered what her grandmother would say because they were so late. It was a great while since she had left home at half-past five o'clock, but everybody knew the difficulty of making this errand a short one. The good woman suspected that Sylvia loitered occasionally on her own account; there never was such a child for straying about out-of-doors since the world was made!

Everybody said that it was a good change for a little maid who had tried to grow for eight years in a crowded manufacturing town, but, as for Sylvia herself, it seemed as if she never had been alive at all before she came to live at the farm. She thought often with wistful compassion of a wretched geranium that belonged to a town neighbor. Tilley said to herself, with a smile, after she had made the unlikely choice of Sylvia from her daughter's houseful of children, and was returning to the farm. Ebooks and Manuals

I guess she won't be troubled no great with 'em up to the old place! The companions followed the shady wood-road, the cow taking slow steps and the child very fast ones. The cow stopped long at the brook to drink, as if the pasture were not half a swamp, and Sylvia stood still and waited, letting her bare feet cool themselves in the shoal water, while the great twilight moths struck softly against her. She waded on through the brook as the cow moved away, and listened to the thrushes with a heart that beat fast with pleasure.

There was a stirring in the great boughs overhead. They were full of little birds and beasts that seemed to be wide awake, and going about their world, or else saying good-night to each other in sleepy twitters. Sylvia herself felt sleepy as she walked along. However, it was not much farther to the house, and the air was soft and sweet. She was not often in the woods so late as this, and it made her feel as if she were a part of the gray shadows and the moving leaves.


She was just thinking how long it seemed since she first came to the farm a year ago, and wondering if everything went on in the noisy town just the same as when she was there, the thought of the great red-faced boy who used to chase and frighten her made her hurry along the path to escape from the shadow of the trees. Suddenly this little woods-girl is horror-stricken to hear a clear whistle not very far away. Not a bird's-whistle, which would have a sort of friendliness, but a boy's whistle, determined, and somewhat aggressive.

Sylvia left the cow to whatever sad fate might await her, and stepped discreetly aside into the bushes, but she was just too late. The enemy had discovered her, and called out in a very cheerful and persuasive tone, "Halloa, little girl, how far is it to the road? She did not dare to look boldly at the tall young man, who carried a gun over his shoulder, but she came out of her bush and again followed the cow, while he walked alongside.

Don't be afraid," he added gallantly. Sylvia was more alarmed than before. Would not her grandmother consider her much to blame? But who could have foreseen such an accident as this? It did not seem to be her fault, and she hung her head as if the stem of it were broken, but managed to answer "Sylvy," with much effort when her companion again asked her name.

Tilley was standing in the doorway when the trio came into view. The cow gave a loud moo by way of explanation. Where'd she tucked herself away this time, Sylvy? She must be mistaking the stranger for one of the farmer-lads of the region. The young man stood his gun beside the door, and dropped a lumpy game-bag beside it; then he bade Mrs.

Tilley good-evening, and repeated his wayfarer's story, and asked if he could have a night's lodging. You can give me some milk at any rate, that's plain. I'll milk right off, and you make yourself at home. You can sleep on husks or feathers," she proffered graciously. There's good pasturing for geese just below here towards the ma'sh. Now step round and set a plate for the gentleman, Sylvy! She was glad to have something to do, and she was hungry herself.

It was a surprise to find so clean and comfortable a little dwelling in this New England wilderness. The young man had known the horrors of its most primitive housekeeping, and the dreary squalor of that level of society which does not rebel at the companionship of hens. This was the best thrift of an old-fashioned farmstead, though on such a small scale that it seemed like a hermitage.

He listened eagerly to the old woman's quaint talk, he watched Sylvia's pale face and shining gray eyes with ever growing enthusiasm, and insisted that this was the best supper he had eaten for a month, and afterward the new-made friends sat down in the door-way together while the moon came up. Soon it would be berry-time, and Sylvia was a great help at picking.

The cow was a good milker, though a plaguy thing to keep track of, the hostess gossiped frankly, adding presently that she had buried four children, so Sylvia's mother, and a son who might be dead in California were all the children she had left. He's been a great wand'rer, I expect, and he's no hand to write letters. There, I don't blame him, I'd ha' seen the world myself if it had been so I could. Squer'ls she'll tame to come an' feed right out o' her hands, and all sorts o' birds. Anything but crows, I tell her, I'm willin' to help support -- though Dan he had a tamed one o' them that did seem to have reason same as folks.

It was round here a good spell after he went away. Dan an' his father they didn't hitch, -- but he never held up his head ag'in after Dan had dared him an' gone off. The guest did not notice this hint of family sorrows in his eager interest in something else. Paul Vogt David M. Martin William M. Adams Raven Nigel C. Spies, W Melet, E. Beijer, J. Cox Barry Simon S. Duzhin S. Albeverio Paul B. Lanier Nigel P. Cook K. Williams Michel L. Lapidus Hagen Meltzer W. Nesse Jonathan I. Jacobson T. Padmanabhan Vernon Hambrey Alan G. Bolli, J. Arctic Climate Impa I. Cerveny J. Lemaire, K.

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