Egypt in Crisis: Issues for Congress

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go USAID shifted focus in the late s from water construction activities to institutional and policy reforms, with cost recovery efforts as the centerpiece.

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USAID also launched a program to strengthen the policy, legal, and regulatory framework for water distribution and access. With reforms in place, USAID is focusing again on increasing access to clean water and sanitation services in underserved rural areas.

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These residents suffer from unreliable and sometimes low quality potable water service and lack of wastewater connections and treatment. Water pollution in canals and drains still represents the greatest threat to public health in these villages, as wastewater is discharged without treatment to agricultural drains and canals and carries the risk of waterborne disease.

Further, population growth has led to an expansion of settlements over the heavily polluted, unsanitary waterways, putting villagers further at risk. USAID efforts will improve access to services for , residents in these areas — services that are essential to the health of the residents and the economy of Upper Egypt.

Not only do better water and wastewater services and facilities contribute to improvements in tourism, trade, and investment, but they also create thousands of job opportunities for day laborers to construct facilities.

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The UAE, obsessed by Islamist subversion, is also home to the exiled Ahmed Shafiq, the Mubarak-era air force commander who Morsi narrowly defeated last year. Qatar, which has championed Islamists in the Arab uprisings while resisting significant change at home, said it would "respect the wishes of the Egyptian people".

Still, Morsi's departure is likely to be galling. Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, fighting rebels he routinely excoriates as Islamic extremists, said on Wednesday that Morsi's ouster represented the "fall of political Islam".

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State TV also quoted an official as saying: "Syria's people and leadership and army express their deep appreciation for the national, populist movement in Egypt which has yielded a great achievement. Morsi's recent public support for "jihad" in Syria and sectarian language attacking both Shia Muslims and domestic opponents as "infidels" is said to have been one of the main reasons the army finally moved against him.

In Tunisia the head of the ruling Islamist an-Nahda party, Rached Ghannouchi, condemned Morsi's removal as "a flagrant coup against democratic legitimacy". Turkey, where rulingIslamist AK party has been challenged by massive street protests, was also openly unhappy at the loss of a valued ally. Iran, which tried to forge ties of Islamic solidarity with Egypt, responded cautiously, calling for the people's "legitimate demands" to be fulfilled and warning of "foreign and enemy opportunism". Muted satisfaction could be discerned in reactions from Israel, which regretted the overthrow of Mubarak — keeper of the peace treaty with the Jewish state — and has long seen the Arab spring as "an Islamist winter".

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Egypt faces daunting challenges, and hovers in a hybrid political model that could be severely tested in a future crisis. Archived from the original on 28 December The U. By March 7, minister Moselhi apologized, and explained that there was no such intention. Met with President William R. Archived from the original on February 19, But upon his arrival in Egypt he was apparently detained in a hotel for a few days and was persuaded to drop his bid.

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CRS Report for Congress. Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress. Egypt in Crisis: Issues for Congress. Jeremy M. Sharp. Title, Egypt in Crisis: Issues for Congress. Publisher, United States Congressional Research Service. Author, Jeremy M. Sharp. Publication Date, 12 September.

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Egypt's revolution and diplomacy: when a coup is a 'military intervention'

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